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Mysterium Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Longgame, Mystery, 

Mysterium is a detective game where one play takes the role of a ghost of the murdered and the other players are the trying to solve the murder. The goal of the ghost is to lead the players to the culprit over the course of a game week. Each game night the players will be present with visions and a other clues, can the players solve the murder in time?

2 - 7
30 - 60


Fantasy Flight Games

XCOM Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Longgame, Strategy, 

Being a big fan of the X-COM computers games for a long time I approached this with a bit of hesitation. A new release in 2015, XCOM the board game is a cooperative board game for up to four players. It certainly makes me think of pandemic but is still very different. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, the game also comes with nicely designed cards and detailed miniatures. The game play is challenging but a bit more laid back than pandemic.

1 - 4
60 - 120