Dead Of Winter

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Tags: Boardgame, Cooperative, Horror, Strategy, 

Dead of winter is a survival horror cooperative board game where you and your friends team up against the environment across several campaigns. Your people form the last hope for humanity and have pulled together a makeshift colony trying to survive in a post apocalyptic nightmare. You will face undead horrors, double crossings, starvation and more as you try to complete your objective. This is a beautiful game and a must have for cooperative board game players!

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Dead Of Winter

2 - 5
60 - 90


The Impossible Dream

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Tags: Cooperative, Horror, RPG, 

Explore hostile worlds of your own creation with Dread, a game carved from the intense emotions buried in your favorite horror stories. Through individually crafted questionnaires, players are coaxed into revealing their characters’ abilities, shortcomings, personalities, and fears. These characters are plunged into macabre tales devised by the host based on those questions. Dread has a makeshift feel to it but it is a wonderfully engrossing game.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Dread

3 - 4
30 - 60