Frequently Asked Questions

What is all this?

Best of board games hunts around the web to bring you some of the best board games to play. We played all of them before putting them on the site and if they aren’t up to scratch they don’t make it onto this site.

How do you know Wil Wheaton?

We don’t, but we love what he does on Geek and Sundry’s table top and highly recommend you check out his site. Some of my favorite games are recommendations from Tabletop (this site isn’t affiliated with him or Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop in anyway).

Are you earning money from this?

We provide a link to the game on Amazon, and yes we put an affiliate link in. Its really about supporting this site and providing you with unbiased game choices. Maintaining the site takes time, so I think that is fair. If you strongly object just remove the tag bit from the link before buying (It wont cost a cent if you leave it in tho).

How come you don’t have game “X”?

Great question, perhaps because we haven’t played it yet or we don’t know about it. Feel free to drop us a line and we can add it (after playing it of course :)).

Can you give us a rating?

We will be adding ratings to the site shortly.

Why have you included the game manuals?

We feel the game manual is a really great way to get a idea of what a game is all about before buying it

What the heck, these aren’t all boardgames! some are card games, tile-laying games, etc!

Very true, we admit it’s really all games not just boardgames, but the domain is way too long. 🙂