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Welcome to the best of boardgames, a site that hunts down the best board games for you to play. We have played all of these games before adding them to this site making sure each game is worth playing!

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Z-Man Games

Carcassonne Photo

Tags: Strategy, Tile-laying, 

Carcassonne is one of the classic tile laying board games. I has well established itself as a class with over 10 million games and expansions sold. I had know about it for some time but only recently had a chance to play it. Initially I found the game slightly complex but after a round or two the whole game clicked. I can easily say it has become one of my favorite strategy games. Easy to setup and play and offers a good depth of games play without being overwhelming.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Carcassonne

2 - 5
30 - 45


Czech Games

Codenames Photo

Tags: Cardgame, Cooperative, Strategy, Wordplay, 

Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise: Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give clues that point to multiple words on the table. Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team.

2 - 8
16 - 30

Dead Of Winter

Plaid Hat Games

Dead Of Winter Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Cooperative, Horror, Strategy, 

Dead of winter is a survival horror cooperative board game where you and your friends team up against the environment across several campaigns. Your people form the last hope for humanity and have pulled together a makeshift colony trying to survive in a post apocalyptic nightmare. You will face undead horrors, double crossings, starvation and more as you try to complete your objective. This is a beautiful game and a must have for cooperative board game players!

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Dead Of Winter

2 - 5
60 - 90


Rio Grande Games

Dominion Photo

Tags: Cardgame, Fantasy, 

Dominion is one of the best selling card games of all time. It is a classic deck building game where each player starts with same cards and take turns to buy and make and make deals to build their empire.

2 - 4
15 - 30


The Impossible Dream

Dread Photo

Tags: Cooperative, Horror, RPG, 

Explore hostile worlds of your own creation with Dread, a game carved from the intense emotions buried in your favorite horror stories. Through individually crafted questionnaires, players are coaxed into revealing their characters’ abilities, shortcomings, personalities, and fears. These characters are plunged into macabre tales devised by the host based on those questions. Dread has a makeshift feel to it but it is a wonderfully engrossing game.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Dread

3 - 4
30 - 60

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens LLC

Exploding Kittens Photo

Tags: Bluffing, Funny, Strategy, 

After an extremely successful kick starter launch, exploding kittens has arrived. The premise is simple: you want to do what ever you can to not pull the exploding kitten card, each player takes turns drawing cards and uses the various cards in their hand to defuse or pass on the exploding kitten to other players. With hilarious cards and great artwork (from the author of exploding kittens is a lot of fun.

2 - 4
15 - 30



Gloom Photo

Tags: Cardgame, Family, Improvisation, Story-Telling, 

A story telling card game where each player takes control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The objective of the games is to make your family more miserable while making other players characters happier, as you play you tie your card game moves together with a story.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Gloom

2 - 5
60 - 90

Mice and Mystics

Plaid Hat Games

Mice and Mystics Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Cooperative, Family, Fantasy, RPG, 

Mice and Mystics is a family suitable role playing game with a wonderful story time like feel. You play soldiers that have been transformed into mice by the evil Vanestra and must save the kingdom. This game has won several awards including: 2013 Best New Boardgame and 2012 Game of the Year Nominee.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Mice and Mystics

1 - 4
60 - 90



Mysterium Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Longgame, Mystery, 

Mysterium is a detective game where one play takes the role of a ghost of the murdered and the other players are the trying to solve the murder. The goal of the ghost is to lead the players to the culprit over the course of a game week. Each game night the players will be present with visions and a other clues, can the players solve the murder in time?

2 - 7
30 - 60


Z-Man Games

Pandemic Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Cooperative, RPG, 

Pandemic is a cooperative game where you play against the board to stop a spreading infection from taking over the world! The game has multiple difficulty levels, start easy and work your way up the the ultimate world saving challenge with your team. Pandemic has a great game mechanic where the draw deck it re-stacked on itself, upping the tension of the game dramatically.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Pandemic

2 - 4
45 - 60


Passport Game Studios

Quantum Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Sci-fi, Strategy, 

You command a fleet of ships across the galaxy powered by quantum probability itself. As you explore the Galaxy you make the choices are you a Destroyer, a tactician, an explorer? Use Technology and rally the remains of humanity for a final show down.

2 - 4
30 - 60

Sushi Go!


Sushi Go! Photo

Tags: Beginner, Cardgame, Strategy, 

We recently got a hold of Sushi Go and initially were surprised by how short the rules are. But after a few games we were hooked, this game is simple to begin but has some very clever game mechanics where you find yourself trying to double guess what your opponent has, to allow get ahead of them to collect all the tastiest sushi!

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Sushi Go!

2 - 5
15 - 30

Ticket To Ride

Days of Wonder

Ticket To Ride Photo

Tags: Beginner, Boardgame, Family, Strategy, Trains, 

Ticket to ride is strategy game about who can see the most of america by train. Compete with your follow players and claim train routes to earn the most points. A fun and simple game for everyone to get into and is one of my recommendations for getting someone new into board gaming. Its a picturesque games that fun and simple fore everyone to enjoy.

Bonus: Watch Will Wheaton from geek and sundry's table top play Ticket To Ride

2 - 5
30 - 60

Time Stories


Time Stories Photo

Tags: Adventure, Boardgame, Story-Telling, Time-travel, 

Time Stories is a time travelling adventure, where you and up to three friends team up to avoid traps, solve puzzle and explore a beautiful and intricate story. The initial plot revolves around preventing a temporal rift in the roaring 20’s. The game is beautifully designed and really helps immerse the player in the story.

3 - 4
45 - 120

Uno Stacko


Uno Stacko Photo

Tags: Family, Quickgame, 

Uno stacko is a jenga style game that has the rules of UNO woven in for even more fun! This is a great one for all ages and for passive watchers too.

2 - 6
15 - 30


Fantasy Flight Games

XCOM Photo

Tags: Boardgame, Longgame, Strategy, 

Being a big fan of the X-COM computers games for a long time I approached this with a bit of hesitation. A new release in 2015, XCOM the board game is a cooperative board game for up to four players. It certainly makes me think of pandemic but is still very different. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, the game also comes with nicely designed cards and detailed miniatures. The game play is challenging but a bit more laid back than pandemic.

1 - 4
60 - 120